Manfred Krautschneider - "Selfie 2" 2012, archival pigment print, edition of 5

Portfolio – Surreal Suburban Reflections

Manfred Krautschneider, "Origin" 2020, 1/8, 70x86 cm
Manfred Krautschneider, “Origin” 2020, 1/8, 70×86 cm

This is a small selection of my reflections photographs. Widely exhibited on the east coast of Australia, they are typically 115 x 90 cm framed, and sold in editions of 5.

In the past reflections on glass would often be quite distorted. This led me to believe that some modernism, including surrealism and even cubism may have been inspired by direct observation, of reflections, and the superimpositions seen on and through glass.

I have been documenting such reflections for more than a decade. These studies have also been shown widely because of their mysterious relationship to contemporary art. I find myself drawn to a social reading of them, conjuring up fears of alienation and conflict.

Successive series presented more extensive distortions, and one could mistake them for contemporary paintings. Successfully holding the border between recognition and abstraction, these photographs transform the suburban streetscape into transcendent images.

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I am an Australian based contemporary artist exhibiting in the major east coast cities and regional public galleries.

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